Her Majesty of Sound

Being for the Benefit of the Charlotte Music Scene

Work In Progress

In small increments of time over the past several months, we've been working on a new version of the site. We've grown antsy to launch something new. The time has come.

We've decided to launch work to date and continue on in public view. "Public beta" could be one way to say it. Regardless of the phrasing, we've completed the foundation work. The plan is to regularly tinker with everything else. Lots of small updates over time feels better than one behemoth relaunch.

If you're still out there, thanks for continuing to visit. We hope the site has been a nice resource. New developments will hit the blog first.

iOS App Removed from App Store

In case you've been looking for the Her Majesty of Sound app in the App Store, we wanted to let you know it has been removed. If you already have it installed, then it should continue to work but will receive no more updates. The data feed for the app will be removed later this year.

That said, we're working on a new version of the site for 2015 (no dates to announce yet) and it will be responsive. We want to spread the mobile love to our Android and Windows Phone visitors. Yes, we have been planning this since mid-2012. Her Majesty of Sound is a labor of love and doesn't always get the time it deserves.

Her Majesty of Sound, Vol 2

It's been over a year since our last podcast, but we're back with a great snapshot of recent music released into the Charlotte scene. Even though some local artists we featured in Vol 1 are putting out some great music, we wanted to pull from a completely different set of bands and artists.

The podcast features songs from Pullman Strike, Jon Lindsay, Elonzo, Serfs, Birds With Teeth, ElisaRay, Great Architect, Little Bull Lee, Hungry Girl, Mon Frere, Modern Primitives, Dave and the Strange and Andy the Doorbum.

Below you can download the podcast as a single MP3 or M4A (with chapter stops, for easier listening). We're still sticking with the podcast and added an intro track as a simple attempt to embrace that format. If you've ever received an edition of the Cornerstone Player, then that's
what we intend to shoot for in the future (dream big, we know).

Send us comments and feedback via Twitter (@queencharlotte).

Part Two

We've been plotting and scheming over here and are in the planning stages of a new website. We'll be purposefully vague on dates and details, since, you know, we are in the planning stages.

Additionally, that elusive Android app is included in this planning. The new design will be responsive and suitable for many devices. However, we think there are a few small touches that a native app can add to the experience. More on the future of the native apps in due time.

Last, we've heard enough new, good music to begin putting together Her Majesty of Sound, Vol 2. We've taken your previous feedback to heart and will attempt to make this edition more informational and enjoyable.

Her Majesty of Sound iOS App

Apple approved our iOS app and it's now available in the App Store. It works on both iPhone/iPod Touch and iPad (and is compatible all the way down to iOS 3.0), so you really have no excuse. We want to give credit and love, once again, to our buddy Will Jardine for making it happen. Download it for free today.

Update: We forgot to update this post a while back to mention that the app has been updated. It now features a new design, shake to reload, and the iPad gets a split view.