Muse Fest to Invade Old Town Rock Hill

Muse Fest is a new arts festival set to invade Old Town Rock Hill later this week (November 11-13th). The event is a collaboration between Gallery Up, Arts Council of York County, Winthrop University, Clinton Junior College and various visual and performing artists. Charlote-area bands Yardwork, The Have and the Have Nots, Heywire, Actual Proof and Brain F will perform on Saturday, November 13th.

Mike Gentry and Ashley Peebles were tasked with finding music for the festival. Gentry works for the Arts Council of York County as a part-time gallery manager and organizes The Courtroom at Gettys events at the Gettys Center in Rock Hill.  Previously, he organized small house shows and regularly works to promote regional bands and musicians. Ashley Peebles, a member of the band Heywire, is involved in the Charlotte music scene. 

We reached out to Mike and he was gracious enough to provide a rundown of the music you can expect to hear at Muse Fest: 

Yardwork is "one of the most unique sounds coming out of the Charlotte indie scene." They "define the meaning of 'full sound,'" with two drummers, two guitarists, bassist, a miscellany of brass, xylophone and gang vocals.

The Have and the Have Nots are a "loud energetic two-piece." They're reminiscent of The White Stripes, but more rock and roll than blues. According to Gentry, member Ben Henry is "one of the most original musicians [he's] met in Charlotte."

Heywire is a local live music staple in Charlotte. Creative Loafing has said, "one minute [they sound] like a jam band, the next Americana and the next straight-up rock." Look for a mix of folk, rock, jam, bluegrass, funk and more.

Actual Proof "finds a solid foothold as much in jazz as it does in funk, rock, blues and soul," according to Creative Loafing. The magazine has declared them one of the top live acts in Charlotte.

Brain F is a new band formed by members of Grids and Yardwork, which Gentry describes as "fun and edgy." Expect "quick tempo dance punk with blasting bass rhythms and complimenting male/female vocals."

After Muse Fest, Mike Gentry will continue to organize music events at the Gettys Courtroom in Rock Hill. He plans to "bring quality music to Rock Hill at a very inexpensive price" and build a viable scene. By providing local bands an opportunity to perform with touring acts, he's hoping to give local musicians inspiration to make and create music.