And Then There Was Blog

It was inevitable that Her Majesty of Sound would end up with a blog sooner or later. We just didn't think it would take us close to two years to get our act together. Nevertheless, here we are.

Coming down the pike, we've got the inaugural edition of our soon-to-be-regular Charlotte music compilation, aptly titled Her Majesty of Sound. It's our way of pointing out notable music coming out of the Queen City at any given time. Of course, it is subjective and we can't cover everything, but you already knew that. In addition to the compilation, look out for occasional show reviews, news about local bands, profiles and interviews. 

You may have noticed we added a few more pages to the site — namely the bands section. For now, that will just be a listing of Charlotte area bands, including a link to their respective website or profile. We hope to do a lot more with the local bands section over the coming months. If you don't see your favorite band or your own band listed, shoot us an email

Last but not least, we've got a Twitter account (@queencharlotte). In the not too distance future, we'll be posting show notifications to that account. You might as well just start following us now.